Welcome to The DJK Life

Hey there!

Welcome to our shiny new blog 🙂

We are Deena and Jonny – newlyweds entering the world of travel blogging.
We live in Scotland. But our aspirations are to see the world.

Our life of adventure was a small snowball that started rolling when we first got together. We mostly went on road trips in Scotland and hopped across to a few European cities. However, having to plan and save for a new home and then a wedding (whilst still working our jobs), meant we haven’t been able to venture into the world as much as we wanted to.
But our honeymoon is where the adventuring starts! Now that we’re married, we’re hoping the little snowball will turn into a gigantic ball of fluffy white wanderlusting, travel-laden goodness, avalanching through our lives.

Apart from posting our photos on Facebook and Instagram, having a blog to chronicle our memories for future us (and also present travellers of the world), felt like the most natural next step. It’s mostly me – Deena – who is the photographer and blogger. But it’s great to have a wonderful husband who makes for a great travel buddy, and who will help by making me cups of tea and giving me back rubs whilst I edit my photos and type up my blog entries.

So here it is….

Love, DJK x

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