An Autumnal Walk in Calderglen Park

We spend most weekends in Glasgow, to visit both our families. Last weekend, as we were driving back home, we noticed blue skies and sunshine starting to peek through the rain clouds again. Not wanting to waste the golden opportunity you rarely get in Scotland, we decided to drive through East Kilbride and take a short walk through Calderglen Country Park.

Fun fact: Calderglen Park is just over a mile away from where we got married. So driving in that direction also reminds us of pleasant memories 🙂

As you drive through the main entrance of the park, you can see the trees lining the sides of the road, the branches creating a canopy to politely block out the sun and create a cool shade to welcome you in. I love the way it looks, as though you are entering a forest of mysteries and you might just stumble into your next adventure on the other side.

The colours in the park are at a perfect middle-way at the moment – the leaves on the ground are starting to turn that lovely autumnal yellow-orange hue, and there is just about enough covering the ground, to give your photos that changing seasons look; whereas the leaves still remaining on the trees (of which there are still plenty), are still that vibrant green so you can create a foliage frame around you in photos. Forward a few months and you can use the naked branches as a frame to create photos with a wintery, bleak and dark atmosphere (think GoT style).

If you’re in the mood for an ‘Autumn Photoshoot’, or looking for a spot to take perfect ‘Royal King/Queen of the Woods’ type portraits, visit Calderglen and see if you can find this picture perfect set in nature.

I wonder if my King always looks this regal on his throne…

The clear skies didn’t last very long – so we had to cut short our walk and skedaddle – not before we found some locals to pose with in the park – I like to think they’re out alter egos that come alive at night and wander the park together, like we do.

Until our next wanderings…

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