Our Maldives Honeymoon – Part 1

The Maldives – the ultimate wanderlust destination for couples. Beautiful blue skies with uninterrupted horizons, sparkling turquoise waters that go on for miles, ivory sandy beaches so soft you can’t resist digging your toes in – it is all true.


Kuramathi Sand Bank

We escaped to the Maldives and Dubai for our honeymoon, and we’ve not stopped thinking about it since. In this blog, we hope to cover the key aspects of our trip to the Maldives, and help guide you in your own travels there.

It’s worth mentioning that we visited the Kuramathi Island Resort on the Maldives, so our descriptions and advice are mostly applicable to there. Information regarding the other resorts and islands on the Maldives  may differ.

The Location


Our serene paradise

The Maldives (capital city Malé) is the smallest country in Asia and also the lowest. It is made up of 26 atolls (a string of coral islands surrounding a lagoon) made up of over 1000 coral islands. Only around 200 islands are inhabited and almost 100 islands have been developed as island resorts. So, when it comes to picking where you want to stay, you might want to consider a lot of factors in order to narrow down your choices- this could include price, type of rooms, distance from the capital city Malé and mode of transport to and fro, number of restaurants and bars, water activities and reviews on Tripadvisor.


Kuramathi Island Resort

We stayed at Kuramathi Island Resort, which is part of the North Ari/ Rasdhoo Atoll. It is classified as a 4 star resort – and well, we couldn’t really complain.


A variety of villas are available at Kuramathi – keep reading to find out which type we picked

The Travel

We booked a honeymoon package through Kuoni and flew with Emirates. Throughout the trip, the customer service provided by Kuoni was very good – from the personal touch provided by the Kuoni reps (in both Malé and Dubai), through to faultless fixing of certain mistakes with our booking.

We flew Glasgow to Dubai, and Dubai to Malé. At Malé (Velana International Airport), we took a shuttle bus to the Trans Maldivian Airways Airport, as we had a seaplane to catch. We were shown to a swish waiting lounge that had free beverages and little chocolates (always a plus).

From here, we got another shuttle bus, to the harbour, where we boarded our seaplane. Not one for the claustrophobic, the seaplane sits around 15 people maybe, plus suitcases at the back. The first thing that hits you when it starts, is the noise – it makes so much noise for a little thing. Don’t worry if you’re starting to worry at this point, look out for the smiling faces of the pilots wearing shorts, which helped settle my nerves ….the amazing views as we flew across to Kuramathi helped too!
The seaplane journey from Malé to Kuramathi took around 20 minutes.

The cheerful orange of the seaplane against the beautiful blues of the views from above.

The seaplane lands at a docking platform in the middle of the ocean somewhere. Here an exchange occurs – excited passengers on the seaplane get off onto the platform with their cases, whilst forlorn holidaymakers who have (perhaps) reached the end of their holiday who’ve been waiting on the platform get on the seaplane for their journey back to Malé.

The final leg of our journey was getting on a speedboat from the platform to the resort (finally!), where our paradise awaits…


The dock where you enter and leave the resort.

The Accommodation

Kuramathi Island Resort is 4 star resort that can only be booked through Kuoni in the UK. It boosts 9 à la carte restaurants, 3 buffet restaurants, 7 bars, a spa, gym, 3 public pools and lots of water activities (and you wonder why we picked this one!). We went for the All-Inclusive package, which meant we could wine and dine ourselves in any of the restaurants and bars for free (there were a few exceptions but these were made clear on the menus).

There are 11 types of guest villas you can stay in, but we stayed at the Pool Villa, which is one of the newly renovated ones.

When we arrived at the resort’s reception, we got a lift abroad a buggy to the part of the island where our home for the fortnight awaited. As we pulled our cases through the sandy pathway looking out for our villa number, we came upon our private courtyard through the foliage, and entered our villa.

This was the first resort we’ve stayed in together, so I suppose we didn’t really have any standards to match. Having said that, I think anyone would agree this was a pretty swanky pad to live in for 8 nights.


The view from the bed (and the bath) was the most amazing we’ve had till date. We woke up everyday to the amazing sunshine streaming through the patio doors (I intentionally opened the curtains a peek before going to bed, just to be woken by the sunshine), the sound of the waves lapping onto the beach …and nothing else – just peace and serenity.


The bathroom was huge! There were His and Hers sinks, a lovely free-standing bath, a huge rainfall shower, and we also had an outdoor rainfall shower with privacy. There was ample storage space with lots of shelves, drawers and wardrobe space in the walk-in closet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Walking out through the patio doors from the bedroom, you get to the decking, and the incredible infinity pool. There was also 2 sunloungers for that all important sun-bathing, and a table with 2 chairs, if you felt like reading a book in the shade with a view.

We opted for the Pool Villa because I had only just learnt to swim and did not feel comfortable enough with a Water Villa, which opens out to the ocean instead.

Showing off our honeymoon colours. And that all important ‘we’ve arrived at our honeymoon paradise’ postcard shot.


Infinity pool – gorgeous sunbathing husband not included

I really put my newly acquired swimming skills to the test every morning, in the luscious pool. The view from the pool into the dreamy vista beyond was simply incredible. We were in so much awe because we had never experienced anything like it before – and I think every Maldives first-timer will feel the same way.


The pictures help show you the stunning visual imagery you get on the Maldives – but it doesn’t convey everything. You need to be there to experience it…

The bright sunshine hitting your eyes, the heat warming up your skin, the coolness of the water as you first step into the pool – shocking the warmth out of you. The sounds of the waves crashing around you – mingled with the occasional sounds of voices, other holidaymakers taking a stroll along the beach. The feeling of being alone, just the two of you, in the middle of a tropical nowhere, with the day just stretching out in front of you – being able to fill it with delicious lunches, fruity cocktails, relaxing massages, a long walk to the other end of the island.


Snorkels not included with the villa – in fact, we would advise you to take your own rather than hiring ones over there


Tempted yet? Hold on for our Maldives Honeymoon – Part 2.

Love, DJK x

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