Dined & Wined in the Maldives

Read our Maldives Honeymoon – Part 1 and Part 2 for more about our Maldives trip

So, we started writing our Maldives Guide – Part 2 – and realised that we could have an entire blog post on just our food and drink experiences …so that’s exactly what we did!

The resort we stayed at – Kuramathi Island Resort – has 9 à la carte restaurants, 3 buffet restaurants and 7 bars. Add our All-Inclusive package into the mix, and we were simply spoilt for choice! Total foodie heaven. The great thing about it was the fact that we had spent months working towards a healthier, fitter body for our wedding day, that we just totally went for it with the food and drink! It felt great not having to worry about fitting into a dress, or looking trim for our wedding photos, as we walked back to get our 3rd course of afternoon tea, or Jonny’s 4th serving at breakfast.

Desserts at Inguru

At the resort, you are assigned to one of the three buffet restaurants, depending on which part of the island your villa is on. We were assigned to Farivalhu – and pretty much stuck to that one for all our buffet meals, rather than visit the other two (it was closer to our villa and meant we could spend longer napping/swimming/day-dreaming until we remembered it’s time to eat). We had a buffet breakfast at Farivalhu every morning, and the spread wasn’t too bad actually – continental stuff, as well as local delicacies that would have a different theme each day.


A fish eye view from Inguru

Apart from a breakfast buffet, we only had buffet lunch and dinner twice during our 8 night stay because there was so much choice with the à la carte restaurants.

Siam Garden

We had the best Thai food ever at Siam Garden. This was the first à la carte restaurant we tried at the resort, and it exceeded our expectations, setting a standard for the rest of our trip.

Island Coffee Shop

The Island Coffee Shop had a variety of hot beverages, and also served lunch, dinner and afternoon tea (afternoon teas were also included in the All-Inclusive package – score!).

How amazing does the entrance to the coffee shop look?




The Island Coffee Shop

Tandoor Mahal

At Tandoor Mahal, the decor was beautiful. I wouldn’t say the food was any better than other Indian meals we’ve had, but it was definitely good enough to fill our tummies with. It even managed to attract local wildlife as we befriended a friendly lizard on the wall during the meal.






Palm offered some classic pizza choices and also some scrumptious ice-cream, for which you could pick and choose the ice-cream, syrups and toppings.


Inguru offered Asian fusion food. It had the best views out of all of them, looking out onto the beach and the Indian Ocean. We dined here twice – once for lunch and once for dinner. One of those times was lovely. The other was average, probably put down to the starter that definitely wasn’t to my taste or texture (think it was sea weed wrapped around fish, but not sushi).





As part of the honeymoon package, we got a complimentary candlelit dinner at our base restaurant, which was Farivalhu. There were tables set for 4 other couples also having their honeymoon package meal, and it was fun watching them all trying to get the waiter to capture a lovely photo of them in the darkness – somehow evening romantic places always seem to have the worst lighting conditions.



Island Barbeque

We decided to splash out and treat ourselves to a private dinner on the beach at Island Barbeque. Funny story – we decided to pick a really windy night for our meal. The food was grilled meats and it was delicious! We couldn’t help but feel like we were the centre of attention because we were the only couple crazy enough to be dining out on the beach at that time! We kinda just went along with it and pretended we were celebrities.






Out of all the bars on the island, the Champagne Loft was our favourite. It’s this really cool, really funky poolside bar with the coolest seats we’ve seen. They were these wicker chairs that you could lay on and either sit upright or rock back to a horizontal position to star gaze in the evenings.

The drinks menu (including cocktails) was the same on all the bars on the island, but we can’t really complain with the variety.




The Sand Bar

Love, DJK x

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