An Enchanted Weekend in Perthshire (2016)

This year, Jonny and I are making our annual trip to the Enchanted Forest in Faskally Woods, Pitlochry. Tickets for this event usually sell out very quickly, especially the weekend tickets. We just about managed to score some tickets for last minute entry slots on a Sunday – so we’ve planned a Halloween weekend trip up north to pretty Perthshire, to do some autumnal walking before finishing up with the Enchanted Forest.

To get into the spirit (hehehe) of things, I thought I’d re-visit our trip last year, in this blog post…


Cauldcotts House

In 2015, we visited the Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry for the first time – and we were truly enchanted. I’d like to think it was the photos I’d shared from that visit (and also probably Google images they’d searched), that persuaded my friends from England, to make the journey north the following year – for Enchanted Forest 2016.

We made a weekend out of it, by renting a 5 bedroom self-catered luxury house (for around 10 of us), called Cauldcotts House. It was located just under 40 miles away from Pitlochry.


Welcome to our crib!

The house was amazing – all bedrooms slept 2 and were en-suite; the living room was large and spacious and had a wood-burning stove for those cold Perthshire nights; a huge kitchen with all the shiny white goods; a games room; an outdoor decking with a hot tub and BBQ; and a play area in the front of the house – which we very much enjoyed playing in. It was a lovely weekend as it was a reunion of my friends from school and college, with the visit to Enchanted Forest topping it all off!


Jonny talking to his imaginary council of Elves


The spark between us could set that shed on fire!


The beautiful countryside view from the backyard

Enough about the accommodation – this is the part you’re here for.

Each year has a different theme. In 2016 it was called ‘Shimmer‘ – and it did.


The entrance to Shimmer

One of my favourite parts of the show, is the initial moment when you get off the bus and walk into the forest. The first time we did that in 2015, I was in awe. The colourful lights cast an ethereal glow onto the tall trees, making the forest look like a magical world from a story-book.


I have always taken a shine to fairy lights (ba-dam-doosh) – I go fairy light crazy decorating the house for Christmas. So, this particular part of the forest was an absolute dream. View the photos in their full size to see the shining magic in all its glory.

Do I look better in green or purple?


I like the purple

The first time we had ever seen a water projection was at the Enchanted Forest. This is when they project a show made out of lights onto streams of water in the middle of the lake, so it looks like an animation is being played on water.


Watercolour reflections at the Enchanted Forest



And let’s finish with some selfies…

If you happen to be in Scotland in October or November, do make sure you pop this on your list.

Love, DJK x

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