Our Maldives Honeymoon – Part 2

This blog post follows on from the previous Our Maldives Honeymoon – Part 1, where we talk about the location, travel and accommodation – during our honeymoon on Kuramathi Island Resort. There is also our Dined & Wined in the Maldives blog post, entirely dedicated to our culinary experiences at Kuramathi Island Resort.

For more photos of this gorgeous island and to find out about how we spent our days here, keep reading…


Our infinity pool

We spent a lot of our time either lounging in the villa, swimming, reading, taking photos and simply walking the length of the island – usually until we came upon a cafe or restaurant, to make full use of our All-Inclusive food and drink package.


Kuramathi Island Resort

Each day was hotter than the previous, temperatures rising up to 35 degrees celsius in the hot August summer days. Sun screen lotion is an absolute must to protect you skin from sun damage. A cute sunhat would also do the trick – I left mine at home this time, to make space for our inflatable donut to use in the pool …hehe!


This inflatable just made me crave donuts every time I saw it


Talking about what we’re doing for the rest of the day – or just wondering if the photo has been taken yet

The Kuramathi sandbank lies at the tip of the island closest to our pool villa. It gives you the most amazing views of the sunrise. If you get one of the pricier Thundi Water Villas with Pool, it gives you views of the sandbank from your own villa.

Check out a fish eye video clip of the sandbank

Although you can get to the beach from any part of the island, the sandbank was great for getting a view of the beach going on for miles. If you had a drone, this would be the perfect spot to try and capture some stunning bird’s eye view photos/videoes (just mind those seaplanes!)


My new husband looking so dreamy on the sandbank

The island is around 2 km long so you could easily walk the length of the island and back. Alternatively there are buggy stops dotted through the island, where you can wait for a passing buggy to get you around – ideal for when you have to carry any snorkel gear with you.


Waiting at the buggy stop

The entire island was just beautiful but I’ll let the photos of the island do the talking…




We went snorkelling for the first time ever! This is why I learnt swimming in the months leading up to our honeymoon – so I could snorkel! I had to practice in our own

Looking so snorkalicious

pool first to gain some confidence – the thought of breathing underwater was just so strange to get to grips with. And then when I was ready, we got our snorkel masks, squeezed our feet into some fins, and waded out into the water hand in hand. It’s great having someone’s hand to hold as you go out snorkelling as a new (and not the most confident) swimmer. Unfortunately, we had to cut short our first snorkel attempt because we were having trouble with our masks and water was getting into it. That would definitely freak out a new swimmer. If you’re considering going snorkelling, we would advise just buying your own snorkel equipment to take – especially if it’s something you plan to do more than once in your lifetime.


Littered the beach with our flipflop prints

We went on our honeymoon with the idea that we wouldn’t hesitate to treat ourselves to a luxury or a perk , worrying about how much things would cost or whether ‘it’s worth it?’. So, we simply couldn’t resist going to the Kuramathi Spa for a ‘Couples Rebirth’ massage.

When we arrived at the spa, we were first shown to the changing area, which was adjacent to the steam and sauna room, and jacuzzi pool, which we could use until our appointment time. These facilities were seperate for male and female.


Steam, sauna and Jacuzzi pool

After this, we were shown to the ‘waiting area’ which overlooked the beach, where we were ‘reunited’ following our initial alone time.


Pre couples massage waiting

We were taken to a couples massage room where we both enjoyed a relaxing massage, whilst listening to the waves lapping on the shore.


At the end, we were shown to a private bath room for an hour long private luxury bath, with champagne and a fruit platter. Absolutely serene!


I’m glad I sneaked my phone into my robe, for this picture


Fruit and bubbles, whilst we enjoy our bubbles

We found a games area for when we were REALLY stuck on what to do – which was never …we just thought we’d try out the games room.


For the record, Deena is the table football champion

IMG-20170804-WA0032      IMG-20170804-WA0034 

I decided to get close to some creatures

As part of our package, we got a complimentary boat trip to the nearby island of Rasdhoo. It was a small island with a school, some government buildings, houses, tourist souvenir shops, football stadium and local cafes. We suspect the complimentary boat ride was put in there to try and boost the economy of the island.



On the small island of Rasdhoo

IMG_6338Nonetheless, a boat ride anywhere in the Maldives is a must, to get some beautiful views of turquoise waters all around you.IMG_6349

We also had a sunset cruise  (with champagne), where we tried to spot some dolphins. They took us a spot where you can usually see dolphins swimming around. Unfortunately, they weren’t willing to dance for us that day, but we did manage to get a glimpse of a family of them.


Sunset cruise


Get your cameras ready – you might spot some dolphins


Drinking some bubbly while chasing dolphins in the sunset

If you think the Maldivian islands look stunning by day, dusk, evening and night times are also just as beautiful, especially if the moon is also out to play.



Take a seat and enjoy the view



The moon came out for our honeymoon



So that’s how we spent our honeymoon in the Maldives.

That’s not the end of it though – because we then flew to Dubai for the rest of our honeymoon. Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog on what we did in Dubai!


Finishing off with a honeymoon Snapchat 😛

Love, DJK x

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