Our Stay at: Prince Park Tower Tokyo

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo is a 5* hotel, situated in the Minato area of Tokyo. This was the first of three hotels we stayed in, during our recent trip to Tokyo. All these hotels shared one thing in common – they had spectacular views. Our room at the Prince Park Tower, boasted amazing views of the Tokyo skyline, and especially that of the Tokyo Tower. In the foreground, you could enjoy the luscious greenery of Shiba Park, on the grounds of which, the hotel was located.

After a very long journey from Glasgow, we arrived at Tokyo Narita Airport at 1730. A 2 hour airport limousine bus later, we were dropped off at the doorstep of the Prince Park Hotel. By the time we checked into our room, it was very late, and we were worried we wouldn’t be able to find a place still open for dinner.



The Prince Park Tower Tokyo has 11 restaurants, bars and lounges in total, where you can grab a bite or drink. This included a Sky Lounge on the 33rd floor where you can dine with a view. On our first night, tired and famished, we opted for the Chinese restaurant Yomeiden. As we were in Japan during cherry blossom season, the sakura tree in the center of the spacious, elegant restaurant, was enough to get us excited for the trip ahead. Tummies full – we headed off to sleep in the luxurious king size beds. I was so excited of the night team view of Tokyo’s skyline, I had to keep the blinds open so that we could be greeted by the daytime view in the morning.

We spent 3 nights at this hotel. One of the nights we opted not to have our rooms refreshed, and in turn received credit that could be used during our stay. Quite a cool idea we thought!




On our 2nd night, after exploring the streets of Tokyo, we fell asleep into a deep slumber, only awakening to the now darkening skies outside. Too late to venture out for food, we phoned up a room service and enjoyed a romantic dinner with a view, with the best seats in Tokyo (it’s also quite handy we could enjoy this in our pyjamas and then retire to bed only a few centimeters away from us!)






For breakfast, we had the option of breakfast buffet or a American style breakfast. We tried both!






We didn’t even have time to enjoy everything else the hotel had to offer. There is also a bowling salon, bakery, boutique shops, beauty salon and spa and fitness center! However, we thought the coolest feature of the hotel, can be enjoyed if you stand below the main lifts, and look up…


Love, DJK

*This is not a sponsored post.

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