About Us

Hey there!


We’re Deena and Jonathan – newlyweds living in Scotland. Our initials are DJ and JK – amalgamating them together is how we came up with The DJK Life.
The majority of our blogs will be travel related but, we might write about lifestyle, fashion and wedding related topics in the future.


The main blogger and photographer is me, Deena. I am a GP trainee, and my husband Jonathan is an IT developer. We both work full time, but on our days off, we share a passion for exploring scenic and interesting places around us. I particularly enjoy photography and writing about our adventures together, whereas Jonny is great at everything else!


After we bought a home together and then got married, we felt that was our ‘responsible’ life events taken care of, leaving us all the free time (when able) to plan to see the world. Although we’d already flown to a few European cities while dating and engaged, we felt it was while planning our honeymoon, that we truly got the travel bug and wanted to see ‘more’. So much so, that we even decided on a travel theme for our wedding.20150611_162256

I have always been a social media enthusiast, and used to share our travel photos online with friends and family, and eventually opened my Instagram up to the public. Somehow, simply posting photos didn’t seem enough. I wanted to document our experiences, so that we could look back on it in years to come, be able to remember all the details, like interesting facts about landmarks we’ve climbed; the names of local dishes we’ve tried in restaurants; the routes of walks we’ve taken (also, I’m sure Jonny would getting sick of having to remind me of all these things – yes he is the one with the better memory).

IMG-20150227-WA0005It made perfect sense to write about our ‘adventures’ in a blog, and share this with other travel enthusiasts. Now we can write to our heart’s content and share galleries of photos we’ve taken. We get inspired by other travel bloggers all the time, and hope to give some inspiration back – to let others think, there is always an opportunity to explore, be it even around the corner from your house.


We’re just beginning this process of travel blogging – but I hope you’ll enjoy it. Be sure to let us know what you think 🙂

Love, DJK x

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