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Japan Series: The Japan Travel Guide

Visiting Japan was like exploring a whole new world for us. Usually travelling to European destinations, this Asian wonder was foreign to all our senses. Although, we had dipped our toes together in Asian waters previously (Maldives and Dubai), they were part of a planned tour for our […]

Japan Series: Our Kyoto Highlights

Kyoto is the spiritual oasis of Japan. The magnificent facades of its many temples and shrines, and the lush ambiance of its Japanese gardens, captured our hearts. From the ancient streets of Gion where the geishas wander, to the golden balconies of the Kinkakuji temple, every area we […]

Japan Series: Our Tokyo Highlights

Tokyo is a perfect amalgamation of modern and futuristic,  ancient and traditional. Just around the corner from skyscrapers and offices, you may find a Buddhist temple or a small shrine. You’ll see women in suits amongst those in kimonos. Posh hotels near traditional Japanese style diners. You’ll get […]