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Our Maldives Honeymoon – Part 2

This blog post follows on from the previous Our Maldives Honeymoon – Part 1, where we talk about the location, travel and accommodation – during our honeymoon on Kuramathi Island Resort.Β There is also our Dined & Wined in the Maldives blog post, entirely dedicated to our culinary experiences […]

Dined & Wined in the Maldives

Read our Maldives Honeymoon – Part 1 and Part 2Β for more about our Maldives trip So, we started writing our Maldives Guide – Part 2 – and realised that we could have an entire blog post on just our food and drink experiences …so that’s exactly what we […]

Our Maldives Honeymoon – Part 1

The Maldives – the ultimate wanderlust destination for couples. Beautiful blue skies with uninterrupted horizons, sparkling turquoise waters that go on for miles, ivory sandy beaches so soft you can’t resist digging your toes in – it is all true. We escaped to the Maldives and Dubai for […]